Whether you feel
overwhelmed and alone,
want to stop
yelling at your kids,
or just want to be a
calmer and more confident
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long-lasting change
in your family.

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Do Something Different

“We think that if we just keep doing more of the same, eventually they’ll see the light and change their behavior. Not so.”

Tips for Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences

What your child’s teacher wants you to know about parent-teacher conferences…

Focus on What You Want

“It is the universal Law of Attraction: Your life follows your attention. Wherever you look, you end up going. What you focus on, you get.”

The State Of Your Union – 7 Topics To Discuss With Your Spouse

“It’s easy to get caught up in other aspects of life and completely avoid talking to your partner about your marriage. Particularly if the relationship is fragile, you may not want to bring up sensitive issues and risk rocking the boat even more….”

A Daily Opportunity To Connect With Your Child

“How do you connect with your child after you’ve been apart? Do your eyes light up? Do your face and voice show how excited you are to see him? Do you put aside all other distractions and focus just on her?”

“No Sweat” Author Dr. Michelle Segar

“Michelle’s approach to exercise parallels my own philosophy about self-care, so I invited her to be my first-ever guest blogger and share her wisdom with you…”