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5 Gifts To Give Your Man On Father’s Day (And All Year Long)

“These gifts will not only delight your man, they will also benefit you and your kids. (And they’re free!)”

From One Mother to Another

“This Mother’s Day, pay it forward to other moms and let them know you notice them. Tell them you think they’re doing an incredible job at this whole parenting thing…”

Your Child’s Core Emotional Needs, Part Three: Competence

“Strengthening your child’s competence will foster her self-confidence, as well as trust in herself and her abilities…”

Your Child’s Core Emotional Needs, Part Two: Autonomy

Today’s post is Part Two of a series about your child’s core emotional needs. If you missed Part One, I highly recommend you go back and read it. In that post, I shared the first of three core emotional needs — connection — and how to foster it.   THE second NEED: autonomy Autonomy is the act… View Article

Your Child’s Core Emotional Needs, Part One: Connection

“We all crave connection. It’s in our DNA. And the most important connection for your child is his connection with you…”

Emotional Spring Cleaning

“When you free yourself from emotional clutter and take care of yourself first, you give yourself and those around you a gift…”