Whether you feel
overwhelmed and alone,
want to stop
yelling at your kids,
or just want to be a
calmer and more confident
parent, I can help you make
incredible, immediate, and
long-lasting change
in your family.

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Changing Your Negative Self-Talk

“When you think negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your brain goes to work looking for (and creating) evidence to prove them true…”

Setting Goals With Your Kids

“What better time than right now to start teaching your kids the value of setting goals and working toward achieving them?”

2018 Word of the Year

“Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, a Word of the Year helps guide me toward reaching my goals and becoming a better version of myself…”

Tolerating Negative Emotions: Yours and Your Child’s

“Experiencing negative emotion is a natural part of being human, and leads to emotional growth, maturity, and resilience…”

Taming the Monster Within: Controlling Your Anger

“Being able to deal with anger in a healthy way isn’t easy, but it’s possible, and doing so can make your family life a whole lot better…”

Developing a Mindset of Self-Forgiveness

“Usually when we think about forgiveness, we think about forgiving others for mistreating or harming us in some way. We rarely think about forgiving ourselves…”