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When Mom Has Kindergarten Anxiety

“…I knew that for many moms, Kindergarten drop-off wasn’t nearly as easy. There were tears…lots of them…and not shed by the kids, but by the moms…”

Making Mealtimes Manageable

“This week I’m focusing on making mealtimes more organized and less overwhelming. If you have a picky eater in your family, want to stop feeding your kids so much processed food, or feel stressed out by meal planning — this post is for you.”

School Routines: Morning, Afternoon, and Bedtime

“Whether your kids begin school next week or next month, it’s time to start making the transition to a school routine…”

Back to School Organizing

“A fresh box of crayons can be symbolic of a fresh start to the new school year. Every Fall, we have the opportunity to sharpen our routines and get organized, so we can be as productive as possible…”

Preparing to Go Back to School

“Even though school is still weeks away, it’s a good idea to get kids thinking about the transition now and to bring them in on the concept and practice of using a calendar, getting organized, and prioritizing. Why should parents have all the fun?”

Helicopter Parenting: How to Stop Hovering So Kids Can Fly Free

“Helicopter parents fail to notice when they cross the line—or to understand the consequences of their behavior on their children…”