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Presenting a United Front When You’re Not on the Same Page

“It ain’t fiction. Just a natural fact: We come together when opposites attract.” – Paula Abdul

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“When my older daughter, Marissa, was four, we started writing in a gratitude journal…”

Go Ahead! Say The “S” Word To Your Kids

“No, I haven’t lost my mind. This post is all about saying the “S” word to your kids. Many people would disagree with me, but I sincerely believe our kids need to hear it and they need to hear it from us.”

Helping Your Child Adjust to a New Class

What should you do if your child is placed in a class with a teacher or student he doesn’t like?

8 Things Grandparents Wish You’d Say

To show your appreciation this Grandparent’s Day, here are eight things you might consider saying to your parents or in-laws…

Is My Child’s Behavior Normal?

“By having a basic understanding of child development, you can better support your child during each stage…”