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The State Of Your Union – 7 Topics To Discuss With Your Spouse

“It’s easy to get caught up in other aspects of life and completely avoid talking to your partner about your marriage. Particularly if the relationship is fragile, you may not want to bring up sensitive issues and risk rocking the boat even more….”

Untying the Knot: A Personal Post

“Parenting while going through a life crisis is extremely difficult. I’ve managed to stay pretty composed and carry on with a “business as usual” attitude, but there are times when the tears just come without warning…”

52 Date Night Ideas to Heat Up Your Marriage

“It’s December 31st – the night when couples all over the world ring in the New Year with a romantic kiss. Regardless of the condition of your marriage this past year, you have the power to set the tone for the New Year, starting tonight…”

What 10 Years Of Marriage Have Taught Me

“In the same way I thought I knew how difficult parenting would be before I had kids, on my wedding day I thought I understood the challenges that came with marriage. Boy, was I naïve!”

Healthy Marriage, Happy Kids!

“By modeling a loving, healthy marriage, you not only nurture your relationship with your spouse, you also teach your children by example how a successful relationship works and what to expect in their own adult relationships.”