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Developing a Mindset of Self-Forgiveness

“Usually when we think about forgiveness, we think about forgiving others for mistreating or harming us in some way. We rarely think about forgiving ourselves…”

“No Sweat” Author Dr. Michelle Segar

“Michelle’s approach to exercise parallels my own philosophy about self-care, so I invited her to be my first-ever guest blogger and share her wisdom with you…”

5 Gifts to Give Yourself on Mother’s Day (And All Year Long)

“Instead of getting all hung up on expectations and waiting around for gifts and acknowledgement that I am doing an awesome job, I’m giving them to myself!”

How Doing Less Brings Smart Success

“…delegating allows us to focus on the skills and talents we enjoy, instead of wasting time and resources doing things we’re not good at or that we dislike.”

How To Live To 101

“In her memory, I’m revealing many of my grandmother’s “secrets” to you today. My hope is that we can all learn from her wisdom and live long, prosperous lives, while modeling healthy habits for our kids…”

Masks Aren’t Just For Halloween

“I think masks have long been deceiving parents and making us feel inadequate. It’s human nature to compare ourselves with others, but what most people don’t realize is that they are comparing the unmasked version of themselves with the masked version of someone else…”

It’s Not Too Late to Clean Your Slate

“Many parents tell me they think it’s ‘too late’ to work on their parenting because their kids are older or because they’ve done ‘too much damage already.’”

A Tool to Help You Keep Cool

“Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of tool that would help you identify when you were reaching your boiling point and allow you to keep your cool even under all the pressure? Well, now you do…”

When Kids Push Our Buttons

“…every time you interact with your child, whether it’s a positive or negative interaction, he comes away with certain conclusions about himself, you, and the world…”

Can People Really Change? (or Papa Got an Upgrade)

“As a kid, I remember feeling scared and embarrassed when he got angry or treated others with disrespect. I felt unsafe and anxious, and rarely opened up to him about personal matters because I knew how harsh his judgments could be…”

New Year, New Friends: Making the First Move

“From crying over coffee to laughing in my living room – I know there are women I can count on to listen to me vent, look after my girls when I have a doctor’s appointment, go to a concert with me, or give me an objective opinion…”

Parenting When You’re Sick

“A lot of mothers are like mine. They just keep putting one foot in front of the other no matter how miserable they feel. And a lot of them feel guilty when they do stop to take care of themselves. Not me…”

Don’t Worry, You Can Handle It

“Besides negatively impacting you, your worry influences your kids, too. The more you communicate to them that the world is a dangerous place, the more likely it is that they’ll develop anxiety, too…”

Focus On You: It’s Your Responsibility

“…focusing on ourselves and taking responsibility isn’t easy. Who wants to admit their imperfections or change their behavior? It’s so much simpler to think about what other people are doing and criticize, judge, or complain about that…”

How To Tune Out All The Parenting Advice And Trust Your Intuition

“I always say that at the end of the day, YOU are your family’s best parenting expert. You know yourself and your child best, so do what feels right for you. The last thing you want to say to yourself is, ‘I should’ve listened to my gut.'”

Do You Expect Too Much From Yourself As A Parent?

“Since my child was telling me that she was willing to endure a needle in her leg and a trip to the emergency room to feel better, I knew I had to listen to her…”

Alone Zone Activities + A Giveaway!

“When you schedule self-care, the goal is to come away from that time feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, calm, and happy. And since everyone has different ways to bring about those feelings, I’m going to ask you 3 questions to help you identify yours…”

Making Time for the Alone Zone

“You may feel so overwhelmed and stressed that you think you need a month-long vacation at this point, but by implementing alone time into your regular routine, you can start to feel better today…”

Alone Time: How To Get It And What To Do With It – Without Any Guilt (Part 1)

“I’m asking you to change your belief about self-care from thinking that it’s a luxury you can’t afford to a necessity you can’t live without.”

The Calm Inside The Storm

“I had never been so scared in my life. I had intrusive thoughts of our car being knocked over or a street sign crashing through the glass. I wanted to keep the girls safe, but I didn’t know how to protect them from the unstoppable forces of Mother Nature…”

Do Your Kids Embarrass You?

“Some parents become extremely embarrassed when their kids have a tantrum in public. Or when they have poor table manners at a restaurant. Or when they come home from college with a tattoo…”

You Can’t Make Me

“It took me years and years to realize that I believed I was responsible for “making” others angry. It may or may not have ever been spoken, but the message I received from adults was: Don’t make me mad.”